Satisfy your anesthesia cravings with this “meat and potatoes” app!

The Gas Guide app is a simple reference for nearly everything anesthesia.  The app provides the “nuts and bolts” for a range of anesthesia topics.  The app includes a wide array of content including: airway management, pharmacology, regional anesthesia, vascular access, and more. 

Editor's Rating

Editor's Rating




Upon opening the app, the user is immediately taken to an alphabetical list of content categories.  The 12 content categories offered are:

  • Airway & Meds By Weight
  • Airway Management
  • Emergency Resuscitation
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Patient Safety
  • Pharmacology
  • Pre-Operative: Cardiac
  • Pre-Operative: General
  • Problems: Common
  • Problems: Uncommon
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Vascular Access

After selecting a topic, the user is then taken to the topic's “subcategory” list.  The desired information is obtained after the user selects the “subcategory” of choice.  

The information provided lacks detail, yet is strangely comprehensive.  This is possibly the developer's intent, to keep the app “quick & dirty.”  The user can quickly cruise the information provided and thereby be better prepared for the intended task.  Content has been corrected with each update and appears accurate. All the content is correctly referenced.  The references can be found at the bottom of the content in each subcategory. 

During my use, the Gas Guide app has performed flawlessly with no crashes, glitches, or malfunctions. This is most likely due to the simple nature of the app and the multiple updates performed to remove potential performance flaws.  The app contains maximal ease-of-use.  The user is basically two touches and a swipe away from their desired information.

With accurate content that is quickly accessible, this app has great clinical relevancy for its intended target. 


This Gas Guide app is geared towards student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs), novice nurse anesthetists, medical students, and medical residents.  Gas Guide sufficiently provides a wide array of easily accessible content.  The app does a great job of providing a snapshot of various anesthetic procedures, even going as far to provide the procedures' indications, contraindications, and management of problems if they were to occur.  The content included in Gas Guide is often vague and therefore can be underwhelming to seasoned practitioners.  Nevertheless, the app adequately provides for its intended audience.  

I’ve got to give the app’s development team kudos on the included safety checklists and various algorithms.  I’ve seen checklists and algorithms in some premier medical apps, but I have yet to see this content done appropriately by any other anesthesia app developer.  Furthermore, I cannot stress the strength added to this app due to the references provided.

In summary, I feel this app is worth adding to your repertoire of anesthesia apps.  It’s great for those in training, good for those who are recently board certified, and is a fun resource for those seasoned in their anesthetic practice.  

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  • Referenced content
  • Wide breadth of content
  • Categories well organized
  • Clinically useful algorithms & checklists
  • Free of charge


Content lacks:

  • detail
  • visual appeal
  • diagrams/pictures/tables
  • poorly-spaced text

Application Specs

Date of review: 4/27/2014
Operating systems : iOS 4.3 or later
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Current version: 3.2
Last update: March 8th, 2014
Developer:  James Lamberg
Price: Free


Ken Taylor, DNP, CRNA