A "Pearl" a Day

The Anesthesia 365 app sends daily anesthesia pearls straight to your smart device.  The pearls cover a vast array of anesthesia topics and the content is clinically relevant.  Each pearl is adequately cited enabling clinicians to easily reference the actual study if desired.

Editor's Rating:

Editor's Rating:



There are only two sections to this app.  First, on the smart device's screen is a yearly calendar with the current day highlighted in red.  Below the calendar is a 1 to 2 sentence clinical pearl, followed by the reference. Each day has a clinical pearl "attached" to it allowing you to scroll through the pearls via the interactive calendar.   

The app is what I consider a "meat and potatoes" product.  There is nothing about it that is unnecessary.  The daily anesthesia clinical pearl is basically a research study's abstract conclusion.  An example:

Spinal anesthesia with intrathecal morphine remains the most effective technique for providing postcesarean section analgesia due to its ability to treat somatic and visceral pain.

Anesth Analg 2011; 113: 1450-8

App users then have the ability to tap directly on the clinical pearl.  Upon doing so, another screen opens containing the pearl.  In the top right-hand corner of this screen is a "button," once clicked, allowing users to share the clinical pearl information with friends or colleagues via the following routes:

  • AirDrop (Apple only)
  • Instant message
  • e-mail
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

While this app will not instantly impact clinical practice, I believe it will spark interest.  Research is continuing to produce data that many practitioners will never encounter and I feel this app does a great job of bridging some of that "gap."  While using this app, I've sent many clinical pearls to colleagues for various reasons.  Either they practice in a different anesthesia specialty or the pearls provide the answer to a clinical discussion or question we have spoken about in the past.  


This has been my favorite app to review.  I’ve enjoyed having the daily content being delivered to my iPhone.  While the content is not always relevant to the anesthetics I provide, it is supported by evidence and keeps me “sharp” in areas I tend to neglect.  I constantly find myself using the various methods to share the information with friends and/or colleagues, who I feel would benefit from the information provided (most commonly those who are primarily cardiothoracic or obstetric anesthetists).  I highly suggest this app.  It’s fun, fairly cheap, and will stimulate your anesthetic interests. 


  • Clinically relevant information
  • Evidence-based pearls
  • All material referenced appropriately
  • Wide spectrum of topics
  • Ability to share pearls via e-mail, IM, and social networks


  • Lacks url hyperlink to article 
  • The push notification intermittently malfunctions
  • Studies upon which the pearls were based were not critically reviewed and may not always be valid


Application Specs: 

Date of review: 1/22/2014
Platforms: Apple and Android devices 
Version: 1.4 (Apple) 1.0 (Android)
Developer: S&T Info Corporation
Price: $1.99

Ken Taylor, DNP, CRNA